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Larry Buell, WECHI Member/Co-Facilitator, Wild Earth Insitute (WEI) Founder, President, & Board of Director, Founder, Executive Director, and Senior Instructor of University of the Wild, Founder and former Executive Director of Earthlands

Margaret Arndt, WECHI Member/Co-Facilitator/Administrator, Wild Earth Insitute (WEI) advisor, Unity Team member, Agent of Conscious Evolution, Financial Consultant 

Michele Cunningham, Wild Earth Insitute (WEI) Board of Director, Unity Team member

William Grover, Pachamama Alliance Trainer

Eric Lassotovitch, founder of Pole Timber Construction, CA

Michelle Reid, Former Earthlands & University of the Wild resident, Research & Network specialist


WECHI is a special project of The Wild Earth Institute Inc. and University of the Wild

73 Glasheen Road, Petersham, MA 01366 Quabbin/Nichewaug Bioregion

Based on 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Educational Corporation founded - 1973





Dr. Larry Buell - (978) 724-0412 (O) (978) 855-1420 (Cell/Text) <

Margaret Arndt - (203) 405-3276 (landline) <

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