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SUMMARY OF BENEFITS to Members of the WECHI Network 

Recognized members of the WECHI Network, enjoy benefits that include,

but are not limited to: 


1. NETWORKING and INVOLVEMENT that provides support, collaboration, and

education, from local to international.


2. GUESTS.  Members of a recognized WECHI Community or Household may request

short-term residency (3-5 days) at member WECHI communities and households.

Agreement as to the logistics of such visits shall be directly negotiated among the members.


3. PROGRAMS. WECHI Members may offer and participate in selected programs and services of other WECHI members. Members’ program offerings might be candidates for UMass accreditation through The University of the Wild


4. GATHERINGS. WECHI Members may participate in periodically scheduled on-line or in-person gatherings, conference calls, virtual classes, and podcasts.


5. NONPROFIT SERVICES. Members may access and use the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt educational corporation, Wild Earth Institute, Inc* (WEI), to enhance WECHI members’ programs and services, such as grant proposals, purchases, and on-line platforms.


WEI is a certified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and based on the principles of the Institute for Environmental Awareness founded in 1973. 

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